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Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern Railroad

Customer Service

Why KB&S Railroad?

Lower costs and greater efficiency. Rail is far more efficient than truck in terms of capacity and space consumption. Rail cars can hold up to three times more than a truck.

What kind of freight do we move?

KB&S Railroad, serving a predominately agricultural region of the midwest, provides an economical method to transport grain, agricultural chemicals, plastics and bird seed. Traffic is mostly agricultural products and amounts to over 10,000 carloads a year.

What is the transit time for a shipment?

Daily service is provided to KB&S customers on an as-needed basis. All connections can be reached in four hours.

What other Railroads connect with KBSR?

The KB&S makes numerous connections to other railroads:
Bee Line Railroad - at Handy, east of Ambia, IL,
Canadian National Railway - at Kankakee, IL
CSX Transportation - at Danville, IL and Lafayette, IN
Norfolk Southern - at Danville, IL and Lafayette, IN
Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway -
      at Webster and Sheldon, IL
Union Pacific Railroad - at St. Anne, IL



155 Owned
166 miles Operated


Six 2000 HP G.P. 38-2M Locomotives

284 4,750 cubic-foot
Covered Hoppers

Commodities Transported

Bird Seed
Agricultural Chemicals

Customers Served

Ceres Solutions
Crop. Prod. Services
Drug Plastics
Heritage FS
Donovan Fertilizer
Senesac Fertilizer
Wagner Products
ADM Growmark
Boswell Chase Grain, Inc
Chebanse Grain
Donovan Elevator
Heaton Elevator
Heritage FS
Kentland Elevator
Stewart Grain
Stockland Elevator
Tate & Lyle